Students Succeed in Contests

Last week all the students at Sierra View had two opportunities to compete in challenges that stretched their creativity and physical fitness.

Egg DropDuring lunchtime on Thursday, twenty eight students participated in the “Egg Drop Contest.”  Each student created a container for a raw egg that they believed would protect it from cracking from a drop off the gymnasium balcony.  All but eight of these eggs survived the fall!  Some wonderfully creative packages were dropped.  This year the categories for prizes were; the smallest package, the package that flew the farthest, and the most creative.  Each of the winners needed to have a successful drop without the egg inside cracking.  Congratulations to all the students who participated!

IMG_1883Contest Winners:

  • Haven Edwards (1st grade) – Smallest
  • Donny Haas and Andre Paypa (6th grade) – Most Creative
  • Jonathan Millan and Parker Hoag (6th grade) – Flew the Farthest

Then on Friday all the students participated in the Presidential Fitness Challenge with five different events to complete.  Seeing students strive to reach a goal in the mile run, the v-sit reach or other area shows their perseverance.  Of our 90 students, 32 received the National Fitness Award and seven reached the highest award, earning the Presidential Fitness Award.  SVJA has healthy students – way to go!


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