The Book of Nehemiah – a Bible Reading Challenge!

A goal or a challenge is what it takes, many times, for us to accomplish something.  In January each year people spend time making resolutions.  In your job or at school, there are assignments to complete with deadlines to spur us onto completion.

So, here’s a Bible reading challenge for you…
Read the book of Nehemiah before March 16!  It’s in the Old Testament, after the book of Ezra and before the book of Esther (if you get to Psalms, you’ve gone too far).  It’s only 13 chapters long and you have 9 days.  I know you will get a blessing reading it.  Then come join us on Celebration Sabbath, March 16, beginning at 10:00, to find out the significance of this book of the Bible.  You won’t want to miss it!



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