Sports and Athletics

As students progress to middle school, a variety of team sports are offered within the context of a school day. Students are introduced to a wide range of sports skills and are encouraged to develop skill in all sports rather than specialize in one. Sierra View Junior Academy sport is governed by the Central California Conference (CCC) Friendship Games Committee. All students are taught to participate regularly and to value the role of physical activity and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to physical education instruction, middle school students may participate in extra-curricular competition. This experience broadens a child’s physical education to include cross-school competition. The Physical Education and Extra-mural program in grades 5-8 offers our students sports such as flag football, soccer, softball, volleyball, and basketball. The programs emphasize basic techniques and strategies for various game play. Also essential to instruction is the element of conditioning students in endurance, strength, and flexibility for optimum performance.

Quality and cooperative teamwork is emphasized in our sports program, as well as personal goal setting and achievement. Our coaches promote fair play and encouragement both within our teams as well as in our competitive games.