Community Service

Community Service 2023

Community Service outreach includes helping with Exeter SDA Church Food Pantry

Community Service is a core focus for Sierra View Junior Academy students.  One of Christ’s final acts before leaving earth was to commission His disciples to spread the good news of the gospel to all the inhabitants of the earth.

We believe that we can present the gospel through various means and understand that God has given different gifts and talents to each one of His children to use in furthering His cause. Sierra View Junior Academy strives to provide its students with ample opportunities to practice their Christianity through community service.

Various needs in our own communities create a variety of ways for SVJA students to help. Translating Christian character into action, students and faculty continually seek those in the community that can be helped through our efforts. Throughout the year, students visiti residents of Lindsay Gardens, collect presents and food for families in need at Christmas time, recycle to raise money to buy pajamas and books for children less fortunate and much more. Through these efforts students and the community receive blessings blessed and God’s name is glorified.