We love student and parent testimonials. It’s always good to hear people say nice things about you!  Here are some people who know us well and have said some pretty nice things about us:

Testimonials - Sophia“The area I think I improved the most is math. This year I started focusing on ways to make sure I understood and it was worth it.  My math grade increased as well as my knowledge.  Math has taught me to think more about what to do next and not to give up because when you give up, you don’t achieve anything.  One more thing math has taught me this year was the math is a big part of life and if I want to be successful, I need to start trying to improve instead of relying on someone else.”
—Sophia, grade 7, 4th year at SVJA.

Testimonials - HazelThis year has been a great one that has taught me so much…””…class discussions have been a huge benefit to my development this school year.  Class discussions have taught me to interact and connect with my peers, as well as contribute to a debate.  Thanks to our Language Arts class, I have also thought more deeply about whatever it is we are talking about.  Knowing how to argue in a classroom setting is a skill that I will use throughout my high school and college years.”
—Hazel, grade 8, 9th year at SVJA.

Testimonials - Jaydonne“This year I learned how to create and build a proper essay.  Last year I had a considerable amount of trouble figuring out how to form an essay from scratch.  However, this year it has become easier to crank an essay out in record time…” “…This year almost every month we would read books and analyze a story in depth.” ” …by taking advice from teachers, using study tools like IXL and learning new things, I became a more academically strong student.”
—Jaydonne, grade 7, first year at SVJA.

Testimonials - Jacob“MAP testing is the legitimate worst things about school…” “…but there are always benefits to them.  First, MAP testing helped me to set goals for myself.  It feels great to reach your goal especially when it’s the hard thing that you have to do.  It also helped me to Aim for the highest score and do my best.  Sometimes in life assignments are going to suck but you always have to aim high for that good grade and do your best.  Last, IXL helped me to know and to understand math, science or language arts much more.”
—Jacob, grade 7, 8th year at SVJA

Testimonials - AnixaLanguage arts has helped me learn so much this year as in recently we had to read short stories she would give us in the mornings. We had to annotate, analyze and find out the twists, usually some funny ones. With the short stories I was able to learn how to write more proper essay style answers. Before Mrs.Bovee had also told us that just reading could help us grow in our thinking, then gave us two books to pick from. My book was really boring and weird…” “…Though it still helped me think on the way others could view and their perspectives. At the start of this year in her class Mrs.Bovee had us do so many essays in different styles and I thought it was all boring. It had felt like the same thing over and over again but it had changed how I write not only in her class but in others and especially longer with longer answers.”
—Anixa, grade 8, 9th year at SVJA

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