Why Sierra View?

There are many reasons to choose Sierra View. But when asked what sets our school apart, these are the eight reasons that we give:

  1. Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio.
  2. State-of-the-art Computers in Every Classroom. Our computer education programs utilize the internet as well as many scholastic improvement programs.
  3. We Emphasize the Basics. Sierra View’s school curriculum is built around the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic.
  4. Holistic Character Development. This includes worship, service/outreach, leadership and an overall development of the physical, mental, spiritual and social person.
  5. We Love Sports! Sierra View has active football, basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball programs.
  6. Great Music Programs. Students are encouraged to join our Handbell Choir, Choir or Band. There are many musical events all year long at Sierra View!
  7. Reasonable Tuition. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our reasonable tuition fees.
  8. Staff and Student Diversity. Our staff and students represent a very diverse racial and ethnic makeup that provides a rich cultural environment to learn and harmonize with one another.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a tour of the campus, please contact the school office at (559) 592-3689.