School Bus Schedule

Bus schedule  driver

Bus Driver, Becky Speer

The bus schedule for Sierra View Junior Academy offers morning and afternoon bus service to the cities of Exeter, Visalia, Tulare, Strathmore, Lindsay and Porterville.  The complete bus schedule can be found below. We make every effort to keep it up to date, but encourage parents to contact us if they have any questions.

Bus Route Morning

City Location Time Notes
Visalia Visalia SDA Church 6:40a 1310 S. Woodland Street
Tulare Lindsay Hwy/Morrison St. (subdivision by brick wall) 7:00a
Porterville Porterville SDA Church 7:25a Highway 65 & Linda Vista
Strathmore 22418 Ave. 192 7:31a
Lindsay Save Mart parking lot 7:40a

Bus Route Afternoon

City Location Mon-Thurs Friday/Minimum Day
Exeter Corner of Maple & Pine 3:25p 12:40p
South Filbert Road 3:30p 12:45p
Visalia Visalia SDA Church 3:55p 1:15p
Tulare Lindsay Hwy/Morrison St. (subdivision by brick wall) 4:08p 1:28p
Lindsay Save Mart parking lot 4:38p 1:58p
Strathmore 22418 Ave. 192 4:52p 2:10p
Porterville Porterville SDA Church 4:58p 2:16p

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