Student Testimonies

These student testimonies are produced voluntarily by current students at SVJA.


Being able to come to Sierra View Junior Academy has been one of the greatest opportunities I’ve had in my Christian Education. SVJA has opened doors to new experiences and possibilities and I have made friends along the way, which I find is a win-win situation.

This year I learned to connect with my classmates, God, and learning. I have discovered that in order to connect with others you first must connect with God. Then, with the loving hand that God offers us, we are able to connect with those around us. God is Love and to love others is what God wants us to give. God wants us to love one another. We give love through our words, action and through respect. We connect with one another through Love, who is God, which is very important to remember. Once we are connected with God and others, we are more easily prone to find a connection with learning. Learning becomes enjoyable when you do it with others and help each other along the way. This year I have experienced exactly that – the joy of learning with others through the help of God. 

This year has been different from any of my other school years. The vast change in students made the environment a lot more enjoyable. There were many connections to be made with classmates and teachers throughout the year. So much to learn about so many people. It is outstanding, how very loving and caring the teachers are with their students. I enjoy coming to school every day because of being able to see the faces of students and teachers I’ve worked with throughout the year.

I thank God for giving me such a magnificent opportunity to allow me come to SVJA this year. And as this year closes off what I will remember most is how welcoming everyone was to me on my very first day.

Mercy Soria wrote her student testimony at the end of her 9th grade year at SVJA.

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