Celebrating Excellence at SVJA

January 17 marked the end of 2nd quarter and 1st semester at Sierra View. At this midpoint in the school year we are celebrating hard work and success for several of our students.

Each quarter we give out a perfect attendance award. To receive this award a student must have “perfect” attendance. That means no absences or tardies for the whole quarter for any reason! Eight students earned this award for 2nd quarter. Great job!

Ayla Rohach – 1st grade
Taliah Hackett – 2nd grade
Simon Abendanio – 3rd grade
Emma Hulsey – 4th grade
Bethanee Tabura – 4th grade
Jonathan Millan – 6th grade
Luke Nelson – 7th grade
Hannah Hulsey – 9th grade

At the end of each semester the ASB students receive a reward for earning a GPA (grade point average ) of 3.5 or above. Fourteen of the students in grades 7-10 earned this reward for 1st semester. This takes hard work and determination. We commend each of them for the effort and success in their studies. Nice work!

7th grade:
Hannah Follett
Luke Nelson
Steven Rogers

8th grade:
Nathan Christmas
Ethan DeLaCruz
Eli Esquivel
Aileen Kurts
Matthew Lombard
Justin Posadas

9th grade:
Kira Hoag
Hannah Hulsey

10th grade:
Alex Kurts
Ceci Lombard
Annie Tabura

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