Associated Student Body

The Associated Student Body (ASB) is an active and vital element of the school program and serves as a voice for all our students at Sierra View Junior Academy. The ASB works to encourage character development, values and a sense of respect and responsibility.
The ASB is made up of class representatives from grades seven through ten. The offices are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Religious Vice President and Social Vice President. Student elections take place in September and January following campaigning and public addresses by the candidates.

Under the supervision of the ASB sponsor, the ASB meets regularly to discuss issues pertaining to the needs of students, the school, the community and possibilities fro fundraising projects. The council also plans “Spirit Week,” Vespers and Banquets with the approval of the administration. These are always greatly anticipated as the ASB leads the student body in creative ideas for a fun time. Officers are called upon to help with special assemblies, our Open House for prospective students and parents, and fundraisers and events.

The ASB officers are expected to serve as role models for the student body. All, especially our youngest students, both behaviorally and academically observes their conduct. It is with this in mind that all officers must be in good standing to run for election and to hold office.